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Messianic Congregation serving Northeast Atlanta Georgia (Gwinnett, Barrow, Dekalb, Rockdale, Walton)
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Messianic Congregation located in Metro Atlanta serving Snellville, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Georgia


Glossary of Messianic / Jewish Terms

G - H - I

G-d - A way of avoiding writing a name of G-d, to avoid the risk of the sin of erasing or defacing the Name.

Gad - 1) Son of Jacob (Israel). Ancestor of one of the tribes of Israel; 2) The tribe that bears his name.

Galut (gah-LOOT or gah-LOOS) - "Exile or captivity". Any place outside of Israel where Jews live. Refers to the Jewish exile from the land of Israel after the last Jewish War.

Gan Eden - "Garden of Eden". A place of spiritual reward for the righteous dead. This is not the same place where Adam and Eve lived.

Gefilte Fish (g'-FIL-tuh) - Yiddish: "Stuffed fish". Traditional Jewish dish consisting of a ball or cake of chopped up fish.

Gehinnom (g'hee-NOHM); Gehenna (g'HEHN-uh) - Non-Messianic Jews believe this is a place of spiritual punishment and/or purification for a period of up to 12 months after death. Messianic Believers generally agree with the concept of eternal punishment (Hell).  Gehinnom is Hebrew; Gehenna is Yiddish.

Gemara (g'-MAHR-uh) - Commentaries on the Mishnah. The Mishnah and Gemara together make up the Talmud.

Gematria (g'-MAH-tree-uh) - Part of Jewish mysticism involves finding hidden meanings in the numerical value of words.

Get (GET) - A writ of divorce. Also called a sefer k'ritut.

Gezeirah (g'-ZAY-ruh) - Laws instituted by the rabbis to prevent people from unintentionally violating commandments.

Glatt Kosher - A standard of kashrut that requires an additional degree of stringency in the inspection of the lungs of cattle, to determine whether the lungs are free from adhesions.

Golem (GOH-luhm) - "Unformed thing". 1) A term used in the Talmud to describe Adam before he had a soul. 2) A creature of Jewish folklore, a man made of clay and brought to life.

Goy - "Nation". A non-Jew, that is, a member of one of the other nations. There is nothing inherently insulting about the term; the word "goy" is used in the Torah to describe Israel.

Grager (GREG-er; GRAG-er) - A noisemaker used to blot out the name of Haman during the reading of the Megillah on Purim.

Guide for the Perplexed - Rambam's masterpiece of Jewish philosophy and theology, written from the perspective of an Aristotelian philosopher.

Guilt Offering - A type of sacrifice used to atone for sins of stealing things from the altar, for when you are not sure whether  (or what sin) you have committed, also for breach of trust.

Gut Shabbes (GUT SHAH-biss) - Yiddish. Literally, good Sabbath. A general, all-purpose shabbat greeting.

Gut Yontiff (GUT YAHN-tiff) - Yiddish. Literally, good holiday. A general, all-purpose holiday greeting.


Haftarah (hahf-TOH-ruh) - "Conclusion". A reading from the Prophets section of the Tanakh, read along with the weekly Torah portion.

Haggadah (huh-GAH-duh) - The book read during the Passover Seder, telling the story of the holiday.

Hakafot (hah-kah-FOHT) - "Circuits". Processions around the synagogue carrying the lulav and etrog for the holiday of Sukkot, or carrying the Torah around the synagogue for the holiday of Simchat Torah. 

Halakhah (huh-LUHKH-khuh) - "The path that one walks". Part of Jewish law - it is the complete body of rules and practices that Jews are bound to follow, including biblical commandments, commandments instituted by the rabbis, and binding customs.  These were the items of the "Law" Yeshua criticized.

Hallel - "Praise G-d". Psalms 113-118, in praise of G-d, which are recited on certain holidays, especially Passover.  This is the song referred to when we are told the talmidim (disciples) "sang a song and went out" to the garden to wait for Yeshua's arrest.

Haman (HAY-men) - The villain of the story of Purim.

Hamentaschen (HAH-men-TAH-shen) - "Haman's pockets". Triangular, fruit-filled cookies traditionally served or given as gifts during Purim.

Ha-Shem (hah SHEM) - "The Name". The Name of G-d, which is not pronounced by many Jewish people. The phrase "ha-Shem" is often used as a substitute for G-d's Name.  Many Messianic Believers will pronounce the name of G-d, but only with reverence.

Hatafat Dam Brit (hah-tah-FAHT DAHM BRIT) - A symbolic circumcision of a male who has already been circumcised or who was born without a foreskin. It involves taking a pinprick of blood from the tip of the penis.

Ha-Tikvah - "The Hope". The anthem of the state of Israel.

Havdalah (Hahv-DAH-luh) - "Separation, division". A ritual marking the end of Shabbat or a holiday.

Hebrew - The language of the Torah, in which mnay believe all prayers should be recited in.

High Holidays - The holy days of Rosh Hashanah, the Days of Awe and Yom Kippur are commonly referred to as the High Holidays or the High Holy Days.

Hillel (HIL-el; hil-EL) - One of the greatest rabbis recorded in the Talmud. His more liberal views of Jewish law are often contrasted with the stricter views of Shammai.  Many of Yeshua's teachings are similar to Rabbi Hillel's teachings.

Holishkes (HOH-lish-kuhs) - Cabbage leaves stuffed with meatballs served in a tomato-based sweet and sour sauce.

Hoshanah Rabbah (hoh-SHAH-nuh RAH-buh) - "Great hosanna". The seventh day of Sukkot, on which seven circuits are made around the synagogue reciting a prayer with the refrain, "Hosha na!" (please save us!).


Isaac - Son and spiritual heir of Abraham. Father of Jacob (Israel). One of the three Patriarchs of Judaism.

Ishmael - Firstborn son of Abraham by Sarah's Egyptian maidservant, Hagar. According to both Muslim and Jewish faith's, he is the ancestor of the Arabs.

Israel - 1) The land that G-d promised to Abraham and his descendants. 2) The northern kingdom that was home to the "ten lost tribes." 3) Alternate name for Jacob. 4) A country in the Middle East located in the ancient homeland that has a predominantly Jewish population and government.  Believers in Messiah Yeshua are grafted into spiritual Israel, not replacing the natural born (Hebrews), but made part of.

Issachar - 1) Son of Jacob (Israel). Ancestor of one of the tribes of Israel; 2) The tribe that bears his name.

Iyar - The second month of the Jewish year, occurring in April/May.

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