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Messianic Congregation serving Northeast Atlanta Georgia (Gwinnett, Barrow, Dekalb, Rockdale, Walton)
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Messianic Congregation located in Metro Atlanta serving Snellville, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Georgia


Our New Location
2950 Rosebud Road
Loganville, GA 30052

Adonai has provided our own facility!

Our New Facility

Imagine walking into a facility wholly committed to the G-D of Isra'el. As you walk into the facility, you are be greeted with a picture of the Wall in Jerusalem, with vibrant gold candle sticks resting on a tallit. As you turn into the Oneg room, a bronze Menorah shines in the corner & pictures adorn the walls.

As you walk towards the Sanctuary, classrooms open on your left and the joyful sound of children reciting prayers to ADONAI reaches your ears. Colorful scenes from Scripture encourage their imagination, so they see themselves walking with Yeshua!

A little further on, the peaceful scene of the nursery is seen, with small bundles of joy testifying to the goodness of G-D, resting safely.

Moving to the Sanctuary, you are greeted with silk flags hanging down, proclaiming Shalom. Long banners drape on both sides of the speaking platform with the 10 WORDS (Commandments) listed. In the center, the Aron Kodesh, the Ark where the Torah resides. To the left stands the Prayer Wall, where slips of paper testify to the Congregation's devotion and belief in prayer.

All these elements work together to engender a sense of peace, where the presence of the Ruach Kodesh (Breath of G-D) can be felt. The impression that overwhelms you is - this is the House of ADONAI!


The Plan

Why do we want to rent our own facility?

We have been praying about relocating for over a year. Our prayer was for G-d to provide us a place of His choosing where we could grow, both in number, commitment, and community. We prayed He would open the doors He chose, and close the ones He did not. I believe strongly He has answered those prayers.

 Want to help make the New Facility a Reality?

All donations are Tax Deductible

What does having our own facility buy us? Here is a short list of benefits:

  • Ability to layout our Synagogue in such a way as to Glorify ADONAI!

  • Ability to add a Saturday Torah Service - this means a new way to grow the Congregation with little or no added expense

  • Much better visibility \ impact \ outreach to the community

  • Ability to orient the service so we face Jerusalem

  • More sense of community in the Congregation

  • Ability to have our facilities as we want them

  • Room for pre-teen / teen room

  • Advertising - the property is seen by 26000 cars a day, this will allow many more walk-in visitors.

  • Permanent Signs - we would have signs on both Hwy 78, Rose Bud & on the building

  • Ability to have High Holy Day Services on the correct day.

  • Ability to grow the Congregation.

  • Ability to hold special conferences on topics such as Prophecy.

Conclusion: I believe this is the answer to our prayers. It requires commitment and sacrifice. Worshipping & belonging to G-d always involves commitment & sacrifice.

Support and Giving

In the days of the Temple, all gave to support the Temple as "the House of G-d". These special offerings were made above the offering made to support the ongoing work of the Ministry. During special times of rebuilding or expanding, this Thanksgiving offering was made by all the people.

We will be asking for "Thanksgiving" donations and pledges of donations from the Ministry & Congregation to make this Vision a reality.

 Want to help support the New Facility?

All donations are Tax Deductible

Financial Recap

Want to help support this work?

Summary Building Giving   Goal Actual    
Total $ Pledged    $                14,000.00  $ 15,841.00 113%  $ 1,841.00
Total $ Collected    $                15,841.00  $ 13,941.00 88%  $(1,900.00)
YHMM Total $ Pledged    $                  4,000.00  $   4,450.00 111%  $    450.00
YHMM Total $ Collected    $                  4,450.00  $   3,950.00 89%  $   (500.00)
Total Cash collected    $                20,291.00  $ 17,891.00 88%  $(2,400.00)
Net owed    $                  5,000.00  $ 10,596.37 212%  
Chairs pledged   130 130 100% 0
Rooms pledged   11 11 100%  
Summary Estimated Building Expenses          
Build-out    $                  9,891.44  $ 14,985.87 152%  
Chairs & Furniture (based on 130 chairs)    $                  6,280.15  $   5,490.41 87%  
Decorating    $                     200.00  $      200.00 100%  
Deposits    $                  2,800.00  $   3,025.00 108%  
Contingency (20%)    $                  3,834.32  $   2,561.09 67%  
Additions to Budget (Approved)          
Sign   1525 1525    
Sanctuary Ceiling   700 700    
Total    $                25,230.90  $ 28,487.37 112.9%  


 Want to help support the New Facility?

All donations are Tax Deductible

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Service Times

Minha / Ma'ariv 4:30 pm


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